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My name is Melanee Hamilton and I am an emerging visual artist currently pursuing an

MFA in painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I live and work in Jenks, OK. My paintings span smaller 12 inch canvases to larger scale pieces in both acrylics and oils, sourcing imagery from personal experiences, my

travels and research to help me develop representative work. 

Artist Statement

My work is often narrative and as of late explores the imperious nature of power, especially as it relates to government and the church. Iconography related to religion and plant defense mechanisms are key signifiers in my work. Defense mechanisms in plants often manifest themselves as impenetrable barriers or adaptations such as the thorns of the rose, which are represented in some of my pieces. I adopt these plant devices as metaphor for the psychological strategies humans use for protection. 


Frequently the nefarious nature of power oftentimes exploited by institutions of authority and trust, served up in a 24/7 news cycle lead me toward creating work that can be dark and moody. In the paint itself I push ideas of power onto a canvas as a nod to a world that seems out of control. Each layer of paint is orchestrated to create bold compositions oscillating between realism and gestural brushwork.

Curriculum Vitae

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